Ben Heckler


How To Do Meditation At Home Or At The Office

I can tell you from experience that you will get tired, sore, and maybe even hurt doing these types of things. So if you are just trying this out, then please don’t do them all at once.

I will give you a few suggestions, and then let you do the rest at your own pace. The great thing about doing these meditations at home is that you can do them whenever you want. You can start whenever you want. Then just do it as you are feeling at the time. You do not have to start at the exact same time every single day.

When you start doing the meditation at home, I suggest that you do each one of the five techniques in sequence. Don’t try and do them all at once, because you are going to be very, very tired. I have done these for years and I still get tired when I do them all at once for an extended period of time.

If you are just starting meditation at home, then I suggest that you do meditation one at a time

The following is what you need to do in order to do this meditation at home:

1. Create the Meditation Space

how to do the meditation at home

When I say that you need to create the meditation space, I mean that you are. You are going to need an area. I mean where you are going to be able to do, these types of meditation without interference.

It could be an area where you want to sit, but you will not be sitting for long periods of time. Or it could be a room in your home that is just big enough to sit in for the amount of time you will be sitting.

Whatever it is, you are going to need to clear out that area so that you can do your meditation there. This will make it much more comfortable for you, and you will not feel so crowded.

If you can, then try to have the entire area you use for the meditation in the same room as your bed. This This will be great because you will already be sitting when you wake up. You do not have far to walk, and you can just relax and let your mind get used to doing the meditation.

I suggest that you make your meditation space dark. This is going to make it easier for you. When you are done meditating, you will feel better if you go to bed in the dark.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

how to do the meditation at home

If you have never done this before, then this is going will be hard. You are going to feel very awkward. But you are going to get used to it after a while.

I suggest sitting in a comfortable position with your legs straight out in front of you. You are not going to be able to stretch out like this when you first start doing these types of meditation.

You are going going to be bend your body slightly. You will be able to do this, but you should not do it too much or too often.

When you sit, you are going to want to feel as if you are lying on a blanket. Your head will be about an inch from the ground. You will have your eyes closed. You will not be able to feel any pressure on your body at all.

Your arms should be crossed on top of your knees, and your hands placed together in front of you.

This is one of the most uncomfortable positions to do the meditation in. If you have never done this, then I suggest that while you are learning how to do these meditations, you stay in the lying position.

3. Put Your Feet In The Ground

how to do the meditation at home

This is where you will be sitting. It does not matter if you are sitting on the ground or sitting on a chair. As long as you are sitting on something.

I suggest putting your feet on a blanket, or a pillow, and then put another blanket on top of that. You are going to be sitting on this. Your feet should be flat on the ground, and your legs should be straight. You are not going anywhere. You aren’t just sitting here.

4. Put Your Head Between Your Knees

how to do the meditation at home

When you are ready to start meditating, place your head between your knees. When you are doing this, your knees should be just as flat as your feet.

This position is going to take you awhile to get used to. You are still You are not used to the feeling of having your head within your legs. It is going TO feel awkward. So it is going will be easier to do this if you are lying on the floor.

You should be able to get used to this feeling in a week. If you are a little more advanced, then it will take you a little longer.

5. Put Your Back On A Pillow

When you are first starting out, you are not going to be comfortable with the feeling of your head between your knees for a long time. When you are feeling better about this, you are going to be ready to move on.

You are not willing to be doing these types of meditations when you first start. So there is no need to rush it. You are going to move to the next step once you are feeling better.

You are only going to do this at night before you go to bed. The feeling of your back on a pillow, while it is uncomfortable, will be a lot better than having it resting on the floor. So when you are ready to move on, just get comfortable in this position. You are going to need to stay in this situation until you are able to move to the next technique.

6. Close Your Eyes

You are going keep your eyes closed. You should feel as if your eyes are closed. I suggest that you do not open your eyes even once. This will make it easier for you to do these meditations.

The best time to do these meditations is in the evening before you goes to bed at night. You will feel more relaxed if you do them when you are not getting up the next day. So this is when you should do them.

I recommend that you do the meditation in the same position as when you lay down. If you are laying down on the floor, then that is the perfect position. If you are sitting, then put your back on a pillow.

If you close your eyes, you are going to go to sleep. And that is what you are doing when you are done these meditations. You are just going to relax, and let your mind be quiet.

7. Focus On Your Breathing

You are not just going to sit and do nothing. You are going to focus on your breathing. I suggest that you use your mind to focus on your breathing as best you can. When you are first doing this, I suggest you focus on, your breathing just once.

You are simply going to concentrate on your breathing. This will help you calm down. This is going to help you feel more relaxed and help you get to sleep.

This technique will help you calm down and relax. This is something that is going to be very important when you start doing these types of meditates. You are going to get more focused on your breathing, when you do it when you are doing these.

8. Focus On The Thoughts That Are Going Through Your Mind

As you begin doing these meditations, you are going to have many thoughts going through your mind. You are going to have a lot of thoughts. But instead of doing nothing, you are going to try and focus on them

You are trying to get more focused on them. You are trying to understand them.