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You are free to try out unguided meditation and do it any time of the day. It’s not necessary to wait for your set meditation time. You are free to do unguided meditation whenever you want.

The term guided meditation is more accurate when used in context of meditation retreats. When you are doing unguided meditation, there is no person to lead your meditation session.

This article will not describe how to meditate but will cover how you can use a timer to start and stop your unguided meditation session.

Meditation is a process of developing your consciousness to higher levels by focusing your awareness.

To understand meditation better, let’t start from the most basic level:

How To Start Unguided Meditation

There are different ways to do unguided meditation, the most basic method is to focus on your breath.

When doing unguided meditation, your attention should be entirely in your body. You will do unbranded meditation by observing your breath or other bodily experiences.

You can use your breathing as a primary source of awareness for unguided Meditation. Other meditation practices such as observing your thoughts or emotions may also be used to do unguided meditation but you shouldn’t wait for your thoughts and emotions to come.

If you are starting your unguided Meditation by focusing on your breath, then you are going to experience an event in your breathing. This event is referred as an experience in breathing.

However, it’s not recommended that you do unguided meditation by focusing solely on your breathing. You are better off learning how to meditate by focusing on your thoughts or emotions, which is covered in the next section.

How To Start and Stop Unguided Meditation

how to do unguided meditation

You can do unguided meditation in different ways. You can use your breath to do meditation, or you can use something else to do guided meditation such as observing your thoughts and emotions.

There are different methods of doing unguided meditation:

You can start your unguided meditation session by using a timer and stopping your session by the end of the timer. You can use a smartphone app to do unguided Meditation and stop your session when the session is complete. Furthermore, you can count your breath as you are doing it to monitor the number of breaths you do and then stop doing your meditation session when you count the number of breaths.

Let’s see all of these methods in detail:

Starting Unguided Meditation Using A Timer

how to do unguided meditation

When you are starting you run guided meditation, you should be using a timer.

The timer should count how many breaths you take when you start the meditation.

When you are doing unguided mediation, the timer will be your guide to stop your sessions.

You may use the timer as your guide to stop your meditation because of the following reasons:

You know how long you should meditate for. It will help you set the right amount of time that you need to meditate for. When you know how Long you should be meditating for, you can make it part of your routine.

You have a set time that you will start your meditation session every day . You won’t forget to do unguided meditation because you have a time to do it.

Your meditation session will only be successful if you use a timer and stop your Meditation session when the timer is done.

Using a smartphone app for unguided

how to do unguided meditation

Yes, we know we said “unguided”, so why are you using your phone?

However, if you can put a timer on your phone you will have a fixed amount of time

There are a lot of smartphone apps that you can use to do meditation when you want to do it unguided.

If you want to use a smartphone app, you don’t have to make any changes to your phone. You can download the app on your phone and start unguided meditation using the app as described in the next sections.

Some apps are better than others to do unguided meditate as there are different features that they offer. Some apps may have more advanced features to meditate and some may be just a simple timer to do unguided meditation that has no features of its own.

However, all the smartphone apps that are listed in the following paragraphs are good ways to start and stop your meditation session using unguided guided meditation. You can download any of the apps from the following sections for unguided Meditation.

Choose Your Favorite App

how to do unguided meditation

You may want to use a smartphone to meditate. There are a lot of different apps you can use to do that. You should pick an app you like and download it.

If you need your smartphone for other things, then you may want keep your phone on silent mode to reduce the sounds that your phone makes.

You can do different meditation practices using the apps as you are doing unguided meditations.

When you want to do unguided meditation using your smartphone, you don’t think you need a timer. However, if you want to start and stop your session as you are meditating, you will need a timer.

There is no timer feature in the app. You can still do unguided meditation using this app. It’s just that you will need to remember when you want to start and when you want to stop.

If you want a do UN guided meditation using your smartphone app, then you will want to have the following set up:

A meditation timer app that you can use to set your timer and start and stop the meditation session. A smartphone app with the app’re icon. A quiet environment that you are comfortable with to do your meditation.

If you have all the above set up, you can download the meditation timer apps and start your unguided Meditation by following the steps below.

Start Unguided Meditation Using A Meditation Timer App

A smartphone app for unguided meditations is very helpful when you want to meditate. You don’t have any distractions, and can start your unguided Meditations whenever you want.

The smartphone app you use for UN guided meditations will have features that make unguidedMeditations easy and simple.

Some smartphone apps offer more features than others to do UN guided Meditations. Some smartphone apps are better suited to do unguided meditations than others. If you want to do unguided , then you should download an app that is better suited to do it.

There are different smartphone apps that can be used to meditating and these are listed in the following sections:

There are a couple of other apps in the following sections for UN guided meditations. You can try them out to see which one works best for you to do UN guided Meditating.

You may find an app that you like to do unguided meditating, and you may keep using it as you are doing UN guided meditation.

However, you will need to have a timer that can help you meditate if you are doing unguided when you want to mediate using the app. You may download different timer apps that you can use for unguided meditation.

How to Use A Meditation Timer

If you use a meditation timer, then you can start your meditation at any time of the day when you want to do unguided meditations.